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Wedding Video Film about 30 000 RUB Video Filming about 1 000 RUB/h
Wedding Video Film is not a report on wedding ceremony, it tells about groom and bride's relations. The film starts with romantic introduction. Then we make a dynamic story about main wedding events: bride and groom dressing and preparation, bride redemption, state registration, wedding airing, banquet. The film ends with lyric finale. The film usually lasts about 35 minutes. You also get all filming material as wedding ceremony report. Wedding Video Film production takes about two weeks and includes editing, colour correction, sound mastering and DVD-mastering. The Wedding Video Film cost 20 000 roubles and includes filming, editing, colour correction, sound mastering, DVD-mastering and production of 3 copies of DVD disks in decorated boxes.

Usually I film with the only camera. On your demand for several cameras filming I ask my professional colleagues such as Hudabergen Usupov (Berg). My filming equipment are: professional SD camcorder Canon XL2, tripod Manfrotto, Logocam 3000/OOO DIM Lighting Kit, compact microphone AKG. The one camera filming cost 1 000 roubles per hour (3 000 roubles minimal cost)
Video presentation about 15 000 RUB Video Editing about 1 000 RUB/Mnt
Video presentation is the best way to show your achievements on exhibition, conference, business meetings, or in Internet. It will be visually, clearly, convincing and well-reasoned. Video Presentation is the only way to demonstrate your device in motion, on the run. You will get back all your money spent on its production. I'm ready to film and edit your Presentation Video in a short time for 2 or 3 days. Editing time and production cost depends on the film style. The shorter a part is, the more time editing of the film takes, the higher the film cost is. It takes 1 hour for editing on 1 minute of film if one part has length as 2-3 seconds. Then the cost of such film is 1 000 roubles per minute of film.
Video Reports about 3 000 RUB/h Video Portfolio about 0 000 RUB
An anniversary, a children's party, a business meeting, a concert of musicians or dancers, a conference, a dramatic play, a fashion show will find a deserving reflection in a video report, which can shortly or in detail tell about the event. It takes about 2 working days for 1 hour filming material to edit. For sportsmen, dancers, singers and musicians video portfolio is the only way to show their achievements and tell about them. Filming and editing of Video Portfolio are free for those, who are ready to work as a model or as a demonstrator in my films.
  (929) 973-64-37  
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