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Video presentation tells about your achievements and goods visually, clearly, convincing, well-reasoned. In fact, a video presentation is a story to deeply impress your customer.

Offscreen commentary Any presentation video film based on offscreen commentary, which recorded in professional audio studio by skilled reader, or on an interview of the author. The last variant is preferable if we speak about your achievements. And the video material is an illustration to this commentary. It is preferable to start the film creation with the commentary recording to avoid time spending. Then we will make a decision on the illustrative material. It can be as new video, as old archive photo materials.

Models and demonstrators If it is necessary we ask for good looking boys and girls models. Their appearance on screen always attracts attention of the audience.

Film cost calculation As usual the middle budget presentation film cost include payments to video operators, lighting assistants, sound operators, readers, models, stylist, producer, video editor and is about 100 000 RUB. Low budget video presentation film is made by one or two universal specialists. In this case the whole cost of the film is about 15 000 RUB.

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