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Fashion Show Video Report As usual we film a fashion show on several cameras, one of which mounts on an operator’s crane. But also there are several ways to film such show:

  • "Minimal budget filming": 2 cameras – 10 000 roubles.
  • "Standard filming": 3 cameras – 15 000 roubles.
  • "HQ filming": 4 cameras, one mounts on operator’s crane - 50 000 roubles.
    Fashion Show Film editing – 10 000 roubles

    Anniversary Video Report Usually we use the only camera for an anniversary filming. If there are a large crowd of guests we ask second operator. The script of Anniversary Video Report is an interchange of musical and live fragments, guest’s interview. Also we use photo from archives and photo report from the anniversary.
    The price of anniversary video report include the video operator’s work - 1000 rub per hour and video editor’s work - 5000-7000 per 10-15 minutes film.
    In addition to film you get also all of filming material as a full time report 1-2 hours long.

    Children's Party Video Report I can suggest several ways to film and edit children's party video report.
    The First - "Real time video report". The filming makes with two cameras. Video report lasts as long as the event. This way of video report creating is recommended for children's party with scenario without any pauses.
    The Second - "Video Clip Report". The filming makes with one camera. Film editing make on a musical sound track. It can be recommended for one hour events. That kind of film lasts about 5 or 10 minutes.
    The third - "Video report film". This type of video require before and after event filming. The film is a sequence of transitions of interview and musical fragments on musical sound tracks. This type of video is recommended for school-leaving parties. The film duration depends on number of children’s interview - 2-3 minutes on one person.

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